TOP 5 Topical Treatment For Toe Nail Fungus – Are Worth Trying!

top 5 topical toe nail fungus treatmens


Is your grotesque nail fungus ruining your look? or Are you sick and tired of trying various medication but still not getting any progress?

“But wait you’re not alone, maybe you’ll feel a little better knowing how many people share your problem.”

Over 35 million people worldwide experienced nail fungal infection. Toe nail fungal infection is more common than hand nail infection.

We spent hours turned to days wasting our quality time researching and examining different kinds of anti fungal treatments and supplements but drastically fail to find the product with effectiveness in a short span of time, with product efficiency, 100% genuine and organic ingredients with no adverse side effects and with reasonable cost.

There are numerous fungal fighting supplements and treatments in the market. Only a careful and a cautious research can save pointless stress, time and money.

The honest reviews below will help you understand different fungal fighters and their specialty.


TOP 5 Topical Treatment For Toe Nail Fungus 




funginix top 5 toe nailfungus

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Funginix is a powerful and effective nail fungus treatment. This tropical treatment basically help counteract the infection from developing and vanishing it completely. Funginix contains FDA approved undecylenic acid, USP 10%. Which is a fungus fighter, use to stunt and terminate the growth of fungus. Funginix is also formulated with different anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal herbal extracts and essential oils.  The manufacture claims that the tropical treatment starts working within two weeks. Funginix states 100% money back grantee too.



  • Undecylenic acid



  • Sweet almond oil ( it contains vitamin E which help cure the skin around nail and reduces inflammation)
  • Bearberry extract ( nourishes nails making it stronger and healthier)
  • Tree tea oil ( highly efficient in getting rid of irritation and ensures that fungal infection does not grow back)
  • Lavender oil ( help boost circulation in nails and is anti-inflammatory, leaves nail smelling nice )
  • Clove oil ( encourage the growth of new nail)
  • Jasmine oil ( support the growth of healthy nail)
  • Rose hip flower oil ( is anti bacterial and a natural fungal fighter)
  • Cocoa seed butter, propolis extract, Oleth-10 Phosphate, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 20, Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol Camphor, Menthol.




kerasal top 5 toe nail fungus

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Kersal nail is a fungistatic and OTC approved product specifically designed to eliminate fungus producing infection. It is a low cost treatment which can start providing results in a week. Kerasal fungal nail removal treatment is approved and certified by American Podiatric Medical Association. It overall smoothens the appearance of thickened and disoriented nails. No side effect was noticed by the reviewers.

Following are the active ingredients of the tropical treatment:

  • Propylene Glycol ( completely improve the appearance of the distorted nails)
  • Urea ( is anti fungal, soften rough and damage nails)
  • Glycerin (help strengthen nails and moisturize them)
  • Lactic Acid ( helps promote healthy nails and promotes the immersion of useful nutrients)
  • Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Disodium EDTA

These are the common ingredients found in other anti-fungal tropical treatments.




Zane hella fungus stop top 5

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Zane hellas fungus stop is a anti fungal treatment which is clinically proven to fight of 99.9% fungus infections. Zane hellas fungus help repair nail bed and improve overall appearance of the nail while nourishing growth of the nails. It contains 100% organic ingredients with no adverse side effect and the manufacture claims 100% money back grantee.

  • Extra virgin olive oil ( have anti-bacterial properties)
  • Tea tree oil ( moisturize nails and ensures infection does not grow back
  • Almond oil ( reduces inflammation)
  • Calendula oil (promotes nail growth)
  • Avocado oil (moisturize nail cuticles)

Zane hellas fungus stop promise 100% protection from bacterial nail problems.



Zeta clear top 5

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Zeta clear is a FDA approved natural formula specifically designed to destroy nail fungus and works best with nail discolorations. It is a fungicide and a homeopathic solution with no adverse side effects. It strengthens nail health in as little as few weeks. Zeta clear is easy to use with 100% natural formula. It is easily available at market or you can order online too!


  • Lemongrass (protects nails from bacteria and unnecessary moisture)
  • Jojoba Oil (nourishes nails)
  • Vitamin e ( help repair cuticles)
  • Mancinella ( helps in discoloration of nails)
  • Clove oil ( is anti-viral and anti fungal)
  • Tea tree oil (kills the bacteria and soothes burning sensation)


  1. NAIL RX

nail rx top 5

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Nail RX is a tropical solution that promises nourished and strong nails. It inhabit the growth of fungi and all ingredients are clinically tested fungicide. Nail rx is the combination of organic oils which supports the growth of healthy nails and have no artificial preservation, it is 100% safe to use. There are rare to no side effects. It soothes and relive inflammation and deeply moisturize nails. Even though it is not approved by FDA but reviews of Nail RX are outstanding.





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