Sunset Lamp review

TikTok has pushed its way onto many of our phones, and, as such, Gen Z-approved tendencies have evolved more and more mainstream. In extra to dance and flexibility challenges, the app catapulted everything from Amazon’s booty-accentuating leggings and innovative sink attachments to life-changing meal prep decks and Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara into the limelight. While these items have apparent utility, other viral TikTok products aren’t relatively as straightforward. Namely, the newly popular sunset lamps that project, well, an illumination that resembles a sunset.

Being a reliable product tester, I knew I had to get my reports on a sunset lamp to see if they were all broken up. After all, they’re visually attractive but is there any more than fulfills the eye?

What is a sunset lamp?

Credit: Lucakuins

They’re sold in a mixture of colors.

Instead, what is a sunset lamp, and why are they calling so much hype on Gen Z’s favorite social media platform? In short, they’re colorful projector lights that mimic the serene appeal.

I ordered the Lucakuins Led Lamp from Amazon to catch if they’re valuable for anything besides aesthetics.

While this unique sunset lamp doesn’t have thousands of glowing reviews (the product only hit the set, after all), it is one of the rare that proposes a pretty cool-toned projection and choices for warm colors that other sunset lamps deliver. 

And, being drawn to pinks, blues, and purples, I knew that this one would be more up my alley, mainly if it hung out that sunset lamps aren’t helpful beyond arrival.

According to the product page, the lamp is designed specifically to create ambiance in your home (or serve as a fun photoshoot accessory, which makes sense considering its demographic). 

Despite standing on a pedestal and puffing 90-degree process, it declares to be sturdy and won’t knock over when adjusting. As I suppose a lamp crashing down, all essential things would do the opposite of setting the mood.

That’s it, though. That’s all the product description says. It’s pretty light, adds atmosphere, and can bring pictures to an entirely new level. Which appeals to the question: Is it worth nearly $30? Moreover, is it worth all the TikTok promotion?

What like using the sunset lamp

The sunset light projection is lovely, though.

One of the best aspects of the sunset lamp is how easy it is to set up. 

Nothing is needed; you stand it where you enjoy it, plug it in, hang it on, and adjust the rotating chair until you like where the point ends up.

An easy on-off click button uses the light itself. It features a black base and black cord, which show quite the stark contrast to the bright light the lamp casts. Since it peeks best used in the dark, these items aren’t apparent and don’t mess with the vibe.

Cords and airs aside, once I had the light set up and positioned how I liked it, I did, in fact, like its looks. Only like the image that drew me to it in the first position, the lamp launched a lovely purple, pink, and blue “sunset” with an intangible peach border that created it that much more reflective.

This isn’t only some dim light, though. While one of the light’s alternate characterizations is a night light, I saw that its beak was far too bright for my best sleep shape. I’d only spiral down with the lamp at night but would click it off once I was glad to head to bed.

What I dislike about the sunset lamp

I don’t comprehend why they aligned the line with the front of the light, but I diverge.

As somebody who tries dozens of products each week, I’m still spending the most awareness on those who can benefit from my way. While this lamp is stunning and an excellent mood-setter, I bet it’d be great in a dark bathroom during a bubble bath; it doesn’t offer much more.

Now, I understand what you believe: How can you hope light offers more than just light. Well, I’ll tell you. My famous lights in my house are my Casper Glow Lights and my mint Anthropologie Table Lamps

Notice what all of these lights include in common? They present more than just the literal light they emit. And since the sunset lamp isn’t precisely fetching when it’s off, I can’t tell the same about it.

Is the sunset lamp worth it?

If your only purpose is to see a pretty light source that you intend to shift on at dark and crease out of sight during the day, it’s worth it. 

However, if you’re expecting that this lamp, which admittedly makes a gorgeous projection, will add a style statement to your space or work well during the day, I’d say that you better hold off.

Maybe one of the most incredible things about this little cheap lamp. While it may not appear to produce its pledge of making a post-worthy aesthetic at all hours of the day, once the sunlight goes down and it turns on, it makes an explanation so lovely you might forget there’s no actual sunset outside. This reminds me: Despite how radiant the projection of this sunset lamp is, when daylight is flowing through the windows, you can hardly tell it’s on.

Get the Lucakuins Night Lamp from Amazon

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