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Zenith Lab sleep wave review


Zenith labs  sleep wave claims to combat organically the real cause of sleepless night if use adequately. But what about its side effects, Is it legit or another scam. Let us dig in this detailed review of Zenith lab sleep wave

Sleep wave is the best sleep rejuvenating and sleep promoting dietary supplement available in the market. This mind hacking supplement is created under best doctor’s and health expert’s instructions to support all the insomniac in this world.

—-According to a recent research every individual should take at least 8 hours of sleep daily to remain active and alert. Taking sleep of less than 7 hour for 5 consecutive day will lead to serious mental illness. Infact your heart and brain start demolishing day by day.

The major goal of sleep wave is to rectify day night cycle in the consumer. The triple activity formula has been created to relax the body and providing the refreshing energy to individuals. Mental clarity, enhanced mood, better and refreshing sleep for the longer duration are the primary objective of sleep wave. 




Sleep wave by zenith lab is one of the remarkable way of eliminating sleepless night from your life forever. Sleep wave is safe, non addictive exclusively natural and organic product to support better sleep. But before going on working of this product you should be very well aware of the circadian rhythm and it’s impact on one’s health. 





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Circadian rhythm is natural, internal process that regulates the sleep wake cycle and repeats roughly after every 24 hours. These rhythm are driven by internal body clock in the brain called circadian clock. Circadian rhythm can influence hormone release, eating habits , digestion, body temperature and other important bodily functions. 

Appropriate use of the capsules of sleep wave will cause proper syncing of one’s Sleep/wake. This will cause better and comforting sleep. In a meanwhile sleep wave maintains an equilibrium of various hormones inside your body. 






——–The most effective ingredients packed within this mind hacking supplement are discussed below———


         For decades chamomile has been used to treat insomnia by relaxing the overall muscles of the body. Infact it is commonly known as sleep inducer. 



            Zinc is an essential nutrients that has role in neurotransmitter and better cognition. It is known that zinc has been used to treat the primary insomnia from centuries.


   Wild lettuce:

               Wild lettuce is popular wold wide due to it’s huge health benefits ranging from painful menstruation, whooping cough, asthma, urinary tract problems, restless and joint pain. Similarly wild lettuce also help to promote better sleep and known as strong fighter against insomnia. 


 Valerian root powder:

           Valerian root powder is a common ingredient used in many supplements for sleep enhancement. It claims to cure the nervous tension caused by anxiety and promoting better and longer sleep interval. 


   Jujube fruit extract:

                Jujube is an edible fruit that is similar to date. Sweet and fiber rich jujube fruit extract is packed with huge nutritional value. It is widely use to reduce stress and anxiety thus promoting better sleep. 


 Hops flower powder: 

                  Like Valerian , hops flower powder also been used for hundreds of year as an herbal medicine to treat sleepless nights. 


Skull cap: 

                  Skull cap is a flowering herb used in traditional medicines. Beside a list of health benefits the most popular is that it eliminates insomnia from one’s life. 



                      Researcher shows that L theanine can improve the quality of sleep not by acting as sedative but by lowering anxiety. 


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If you are the real sufferer of insomnia and recurrent sleepless night due to stress and anxiety. Then for sure you have tried so many strategy to defend the insomnia forever from your life.

There are so many useless pills available in the market that are actually  sedative and force you to use regularly without a skip. Not only pills there are some time wasting exercise and various supplement that claims to fight insomnia but actually they have zero efficacy. 

The more stress will reduces the level of happy hormone in the body and thus causing difficulty in sleep. All this sleep wake cycle is controlled naturally by circadian rhythm.

Sleep wave by zenith lab works on the circadian rhythm to synchronize with your daily routine. It is free from side effects as it is made with all natural herb so there is zero possibility to say no to this amazing product.   



The prescribed way of using sleep wave by zenith lab is to take 2 capsules an hour before your bed time. These tablets are easy to swallowed and can be taken any time during 24 hour but best time is before bedtime. You will really amazed by the result after consuming sleep wave for few days. 




Sleep wave is formulated under strict setup of zenith lab. As this company is famous for so many supplements out there. So you don’t have to  worry at all. As mentioned above all the ingredients inside sleep wave are natural herb that has zero side effects.

All these herb are used separately in traditional medicines but zenith lab studies about them and mixed them in an appropriate way to provide full effectiveness to all the consumer.  





  • Promotes better sleep cycle: 

                    Sleep wave enable you to sleep at proper time with appropriate gap in between without much deviation. 


  • Get profound sleep: 

                      Sleep wave provide profound sleep without several wakeup at night. It relieves anxiety and promote deep sleep for every individual. 


  • Reduces anxiety: 

                      The remarkable feature of sleep wave is that it reduces the anxiety level and help to cool down the body without any effort. 


  • Eliminate mental exhaustion: 

                  The daily mental exhaustion due to excessive work load may cause disturbance in sleep pattern. Daily use of sleep wave will eliminate the mental exhaustion in a natural way. 


  • Feeling more energetic: 

                 After a peaceful night you will feel more energetic and vigorous to perform daily routine workout. 


  • Provides mental clarity: 

                              Other advantage of using sleep wave is that it provides more concentration ability and enhanced memory. 

  • Support productivity:

                       A fresh mind will show great productivity throughout the day. So daily consumption of sleep wave enable you to enhance your productivity to it’s maximum level.  




Sleep wave by zenith lab is the most affordable solution to the sleepless nights and irritable mood swings. The choice of ingredients are quite pristine with high quality nutrients that becomes the necessity of every one nowadays. 

Sleep wave is all natural, safe and highly recommended way of saying goodbye to your sleepless nights. I am sure you will never be disappointed if you order your bottle now as there is no side effects of using it on daily basis. Sleep wave is worth buying so don’t be late and grab your bottle now before it’s too late. 


SOME BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS:                           


  • A single bottle of sleep wave comes with the price of $49 by ordering it from their official website.
  • 2 free bottles of sleep wave offered If you order it now as it is limited time offer. 


                  Along with this there are some bonuses available: 


  • Healthy sleep master class video series. 
  • 4 methods to fall asleep quick e-book. 


To summarize after using sleep wave regularly you can sleep like a baby without any stress and anxiety. Those dark circles, depression, anxiety, Irritability, devastating mood swings and daily fatigue can easily eliminate from your life without any hard-work. 

There are so many supplements available in the market that claims to fight insomnia but all of them just polished their words by sweet coat and not a single one works on the real basis.

Sleep wave works on one’s circadian rhythm and maintain the normal sleep wake cycle with the natural and organic herbs so there is no chances of any side effects. I would  highly recommend you to use sleep wave on daily basis so that you can enjoy a soothing and comforting sleep. 

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