Kou Tea Review – Legit or SCAM !!?



To remain fit and healthy is now becoming the most challenging target for every individual. Every body is in the constant fight of looking more active and slim than others. Performing every day task with more energy level remains the utter most desire for every one.

In order to accomplish their target they use to spend thousand of dollars in so called magic pills, heavy machinery for exercise and a lot of diet plains. Regular gymming and strenuous exercise may cause other serious injury that become life threatening. Some of you also take a great risk by performing fat melting surgeries. But ultimately all these efforts become ineffective. This leads to a great heart ache and most of you become disappointed and start preparing yourself to remain obese forever.


If you want a boost in metabolic system??


If you are among those individuals who have enthusiasm of remain fit and healthy ??


Tired of using a huge amount of supplement , magic pills or boring diet strategies??

Then you should give a try to kou tea. I am sure you won’t disappointed after using it regularly.  RDK, a well known manufacturer of phen 375 diet pills bring you a brand new and most effective kou tea. This is the natural solution to your morbid obesity. Kou tea contains a mixture of 4 tea which in combination proves the best weight losing property . By consuming it you are no longer in a fear of developing any serious side effects as it is all naturally compiled.Don’t be misguided by other fake website as they are too offering you a tea which has zero effectiveness.” Lets dig into some details of kou tea so that you are completely aware of the health benefits and order it now before its too late.





Kou tea is the best alternative of weight losing pills and useless supplements. This four combination slimming tea is now gaining popularity world wide. All natural and effective ingredients make this product side effect free. Every one can use this product confidently as it is manufactured by a well known company. Kou tea has been used from decades to treat obesity in china. There are many other health benefits apart from losing weight.

For the best result you have to take twice daily after the food along with some exercise. There is no strict diet plain to follow. You will be astonished to see the results within few weeks after consuming kou tea.





Kou tea is the blend of 4 basic tea. All these tea are found in nature so that every one can gain the necessary knowledge about them. But their  appropriate combination in perfect ratio makes the formation of kou tea possible. Ingredients are as follows:


  1. Oolong tea:

Oolong tea is the processed form of camellia sinensis(source : Wikipedia). This tea is extracted from the leaves, buds and stems of camellia sinensis plant. This plant is processed under extreme heat to yield oolong tea. Oolong tea is the most superpower rich ingredient incorporated in kou tea having a pleasant fruity taste.

Oolong tea is itself enrich with a huge list of health benefits. Polyphenol component in oolong tea aids in metabolism of fat. According to a research, just one cup of oolong boosts metabolism by 20 % for 2 hours thus promote burning of belly fat. It sharpens thinking skills and improve alertness. Oolong tea kick out  the stress level to the maximum limit.  There are so many other  health advantages like lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, anti-inflammatory effect, lowering the risk of many cancer, prevention from dental caries  and inhibiting accumulation of toxins.


  1. Pu-erh tea:

Pu-erh tea is the most delicious, demanding and soothing beverage packed inside kou tea. This is a Chinese black tea that has been fermented and named after a Chinese province called yunnan. This tea is touted for many years for shedding unwanted body fat within minutes. The health advantage of this tea includes treating high cholesterol by killing bad cholesterol through statin, combat with alcohol intoxication, clearing up the digestive tract, detoxification and a best anti fungal agent. In fact combination of Pu-erh with oolong tea makes the superior method of eliminating morbid obesity forever.


  1. Green tea:

Green tea is the type of tea that is extracted from Camilla sinensis through different procedures as compared to oolong and black tea. This ingredient makes the supplement superior over other. Green tea has been used from decades to enhances body metabolism and to remain alert and active through out the day.

Green tea is the most potent anti-aging beverage and considered to be the most healthiest beverage as well on this planet. It reduces the risk of attack and stroke by decreasing blood pressure to a healthy level. Green tea enhances the mental alertness due to caffeine content. It is thought to be the best metabolic booster thus aids in weight reduction.


  1. White tea:

White tea is the most least processed tea among other  three teas. Camilla’s younger leaves are required for white tea extraction. White tea is having a list of weight losing advantages specially when combined with other three potent tea.

White tea combat with aging process along with many heart benefits as it contains the higher amount of antioxidants. It also maintain the oral hygiene better than other tea.




All reviews and experience prove that kou tea works on the real basis. Their unique result has no comparison with other weight losing products available in the market. Kou tea is a brand new product with lot of health benefits. In comparison with other weight losing products they don’t work on real basis plus they carry a side effect as the contents are not pure.

Kou tea is manufactured by a world famous and a recognized company so that there is no chance of ineffectiveness. Along with this kou tea is based on many trials and experiments through researchers.

Due to increment in the awareness that tea is the best and natural way to eliminate obesity and enhances body’s metabolism in a natural way. Many people start believing in the kou tea and their benefits. As kou tea contains all basic type of tea in an appropriate ratio fitness freak can’t resist themselves in ordering kou tea.




Although kou tea is enriched with huge health benefits. We try our best  to provide you some common benefits that increase your information about kou tea as:


  • Dream of slimming and being active
  • You will be able to burn on average 67 more calories after taking kou tea.
  • Promote and maintenance of healthy cardiovascular system
  • Clearing up the blood vessels thus lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Your age will be stop and aging process will limit after taking kou tea.
  • Maintenance of dental health due it’s fluoride content.
  • Optimize stomach and spleen function and eliminates all sort of digestive issues.
  • If you find kou tea ineffective than you have the right of claiming back your money within 90 days.
  • Prevention from many types of cancer due to it’s antioxidants property.
  • Just drinking 2 cups per day will trigger natural slimming procedure without any side effect
  • One free bottle if you order three boxes now.
  • Convenient for those who can’t take pills and are in a search of comprehensive tea for losing weight.
  • Produced by well known manufacturer RDK global
  • Discount if you order in bulk.




All in all kou tea is gaining popularity world wide due to it’s urgent effectiveness. It remains the best option for those who wish to loose weight but unable to take pills or pills are not working. Kou tea is a natural healthy energizing extract with no nasty side effects. So if you are afraid of any harmful health benefits you can use it easily without any fear. In addition it’s mind blowing taste without any additive fillers make kou tea stand superior among others.

One should have to drink one cup in morning and other in evening. I think there is no other easy method available to get slim and fitter in a fastest way. You will be feel more energetic and lighter within a short span of time. Kou tea provides you an amazing offer that if you hurry you could get 3 boxes with one absolutely free. So stop wandering here and there and place your order now before it’s too late.

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