Keto Burn Protocol Review – SCAM or Legit?

Keto Burn Protocol Review


Keto burn protocol is a revolutionary and groundbreaking metabolic hack which is the best ever known program for overweight people. It is 100% natural weight-loss system that reduces your unwanted belly fat within 3 months. Keto burn protocol is the newest guide and the most wanted product which is widely spread all over the internet because of its effectiveness. We provide keto burn protocol review.

A doctor called this a future of the fat burning product and many nutritional specialist and fitness expert has accepted it’s important rapidly. It helps around 54,893 people worldwide including Hollywood actors like A.listers, elite bodybuilders and many health and fitness gurus.

This cutting-edge fat loss trick transforms your health but also your marriage life. This program provides you a complete guide about what to eat with the right combination of ingredients to maximize the result.

You don’t need to avoid your favourite food any more you just have to decrease your carb intake and enhances your naturally occurring ketosis process in the body. This comprehensive technique provides long lasting relief from obesity, stubborn belly fat and diabetes.

Keto burn protocol is manufactured for both men and women but particularly effective for people more than 40. It reveals fat burning switch that every person born on this planet earth needs. Most important it is not the run of mill medical technique but a fat burning switch hidden inside every one.


keto burn protocol review

Keto burn protocol is formulated by John Sims . It was a warm September evening in 2012 , Mr John and his wife Liz were heading towards their favorite restaurant . Suddenly a life changing event take place that completely transform their life in a happy state forever.

It was a horrible accident of their car due to sudden electrical fault and their car hit with a giant truck coming from opposite direction. They were badly injured and due to their over weight both of them stuck into the car and couldn’t get up.

This dangerous event finally make them realize that they should take their fat problem on a serious note . This accident leads to the discovery of  secret metabolic hack  and John created this amazing program  The keto burn protocol.

About John Sims:

John sim lives in Atascadero California  from many years. He is a qualified personal trainer, certified nutritionist  and member of national federation of professional trainers. He spend his whole life in serving other and helping them to fight from their deadly fat.

Mr john was quite obese and transform his body from 278 lbs to 182 lbs after using this technique. Similarly his wife has also got the same problem. Doctor’s always warn both of them about the dangerous upcoming event that will ruin their life badly. They have tried every possible way of losing fat but none of them works and they finally tired of every method. John sims is a fat loss specialist certified by:

  • National academy of sport medicine NASM
  • National council of strength and fitness
  • American college of sport and medicine


keto burn protocol reiew

“Fitness is like a marriage, you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work”

Fitness remains a great challenge to all the human of  the recent century . Every one in this modern world always in a race to be in the healthy state. Obesity affects your fitness goal and makes your life vulnerable to many deadly conditions.

Fat can be compiled together in any part of your body even around your tummy. Having a lean belly is a key indicator of health. Fat accumulation around your waist line always a headache to every one. Not only around belly but overall your body is effected by this unwanted fat.

If you are obese and your tummy enters in a room before yourself then it is quite shameful condition for you making your confidence level falls to zero. It will cause rejection and dejection in every field of your life and you will always remain backward. Your daily routine also affected by this condition.

There are many program and exercise available for maintaining your figure but all of them only promise but no one actually works. You will spend your precious money and time for many years to get benefit but they are completely ineffective.

If you are tired of every diet and strategy to control this fat and ugly  appearance  but still get no result then  your problems will go away after giving a read to this. Keto burn protocol by john sims cures your problem and melt many pounds without any side effect and within few days.

This revolutionary program claims what it actually perform and many people around the world has get benefit after using it. Keto burn protocol works specially for women to successfully get into their figure. This program instead of using single phase it is multi phasic.

After the age of 40’s your metabolic system goes down and it is impossible to loose weight that easily. Keto burn protocol fights with the visceral fat of the body and helps you to achieve flat belly.

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Visceral fat can be better defined as excess intra abdominal fat accumulation. It is in the form of gel like material that wraps up your vital organs like kidney, pancreas, heart and stomach. All your vital organs are under trap of this type of fat making you expose to many dangerous disease. However it can be present in any individual. Visceral FatBut specifically protruding belly and large waist are indicative of visceral fat in your body. It is harmful in many aspects and causes the following mention disease:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Stroke
  • Sleep disorder
  • Arthritis
  • Memory loss


Besides causing these disease it also provokes inflammatory pathway. Many inflammatory markers are produced increasing the risk of formation of many chronic disease. Process of inflammation causes accumulation of plaque within the blood vessels and causing heart attack. In addition visceral fat also alters the normal hormone level . It  reduces the formation of insulin which is the fat melter hormone as well as it’s deficiency will cause diabetes.

This visceral fat can be treated by taking low carbohydrate diet and it is proven to be more effective than taking low fat diet. Ketogenic diet is actually the very low carb diet that reduces the carb intake as well as replacing it with fat. This creates a natural process of ketosis that help you to fight with the visceral fat .

keto burn protocol review


Keto burn protocol is the best ever known fat shedding program that mainly deals with the visceral fat. It allows you to eat low fat and low carbs diet. This program reveals the mouth watering food pieces of Bacon hide a great fat losing secret. This program specially designed for women and deals with their metabolic system with these 3 stages:

  1. Microflora rebalancing:

During this stage it improves your digestion by balancing the normal flora of the gut. Digestive system constitute major health and if it is handled properly than your body will remain healthy forever. This stage also stable hormones level up to the normal limit, improves energy level and enhances better health . At last but not the least it will rapidly burn all the unnecessary fat around your tummy making you look more attractive.

  1. Stabilizing the metabolic system:

All the enough nutrients necessary for your body is provided in this stage. As well as it also provides some easy to perform workout and specific exercise. It also make you aware about the complete knowledge of carbohydrate and proteins to achieve your desire goal of fitness.

  1. Stay motivated:

In the end if you get tired after using this technique and not affected early you will stop this program immediately. Mr john is very well aware of this human nature therefore he provided you some words about how to remain motivated till end of this protocol. Also provides you the progressive nutritional trials of many expert that make you feel hope-full for better result.

  Keto burn protocol works in two phases according to Mr John Sims. These are:

1.Launch  phase:

It is a 7 day phase that help you to trigger ketosis and increases amount of ketone in your body. Launch phase forces you to follow ketogenic diet. This phase including comprehensive breakdown of ingredients and full shopping list of week. In total there are 35 mouth watering recipes that are included in this short phase and introduce you towards the Ketogenic diet in a proper way. Although it is a 7 day phase but users will get benefit as little as 3 days.

  1. Maintenance phase:

30 day step by step phase that moves your body within a healthy track. It includes wider variety of delicious and tasty foods. Major protein including avocado, coconut oil and egg are mainly included in this phase. In total 150 delicious recipe including fat and proteins provide you to achieve your goal within no time.


Keto burn protocol is packaged with health full product and natural ingredients that never harms your body and health. You will get following things from this program:

  • Secret for fat loss:

It includes the major Secret which is necessary for reducing the fat and desired body shape in just a few days. This secret is discovered by john sim through hid detailed research and many efforts. The healthy way of losing fat is included in this program and helps you in many aspect of life.

  • Fat burning switch:

According to this protocol there is a hidden switch inside every body of human being. This switch destroy your all unwanted body fat very fast. Natural ketosis is that switch described by Mr john. Ketogenic diet promotes ketosis and helps you to lower the carbohydrate intake and replaces it with the fat. If you follow this technique no doubt you will definitely get benefit from it.

  • Secret food recipes:

All the tasty and delicious food are packaged in this program that help you to remain in your shape. You don’t need to avoid your favorite dishes including the fatty food. These food recipe are all natural without any side effect and enrich with healthy effects.

  • Workout:

This program also provide you some easy step and moves that will melt your visceral fat very promptly. You have to done for 3 weeks and you will feel the real difference from before.

  • Program to reduce inflammation and boost metabolism:

Keto burn protocol reduce the inflammatory markers and reduces the chances of chronic disease that leaves a negative impact on your health. It also provides you to boost your metabolic rate at a faster speed.


Three main bonus includes :



  • More attractive body
  • Bursting with energy
  • Boosting confidence
  • Making you healthier
  • Improve brain function
  • Cut the risk of dementia
  • Even kill cancer cells
  • Reverses type 2 diabetes
  • Lower down cholesterol level
  • 100% natural
  • Loose 8 and 1/2 pounds per week
  • Transform your life


In a nut shell , keto burn protocol is a comprehensive and complete package for the unhealthy obese individual. It actually works with your stubborn belly fat and provide you a desired body shape within few days. This a secret fat switch that is hidden in every individual but not every one could discover it.

This program not only cures your obesity problem but also reverses type 2 diabetes reduces blood cholesterol and chances of stroke and other major disease. If you are tired of all the program, diet plain and exercise available and not get the result then you should give it a try and I am sure you will get benefit from it.

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