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Infection through the herpes virus is remain a great challenge to the human of recent century either of type one or type two. As u all know cold sores around your mouth and ulcers over  the genitals won’t allow to live a joyful and comfortable  life. You will be astonished to know that herpes virus is well distributed world wide with over all 23 million new cases per year. By age 30 years, 50% of the individual in a high socioeconomic group are affected by herpes.

There is a great list of supplement available in the market . All of them claims to cure herpes  but none of them actually  works at all because they only packaged with the so called magic pill which will be never effective. Here I am going to reveal about the most demanding, number one protocol to fight against herpes most effectively the herpes blitz protocol by Josh parker” . Leaving this subject unread will result in provision of wrong guidance by other websites and you are forced to buy useless herpes remedies.




Herpes treatment now a days become a necessary alignment for every individual. Because the medication available in the market have to be taken regularly for entire life with a huge list of side effects. Herpes virus makes your life completely miserable by giving you ulcers and cold sores all over your body.

Herpes blitz protocol is the most pioneer method to effectively uncloaks the hidden herpes treatment. It is a discovery that has already changed the lives of ten thousands of people world wide. After giving a try to this amazing hack you will experience a dramatic improvement in the self-esteem and confidence in your personality. Josh parker provide you all clinically proven method and guidance to remove herpes from your body within one month.

This epigenetic protocol actually combat the root cause of the virus by its 3 most powerful ingredients all naturally. Herpes blitz treat  all the symptoms of herpes virus 1 and 2 and enabling you to live a healthy life forever. This program is a 28 day program which is effective in all age group and for equally effective for every gender. All the methods and steps are compiled together in the form of a comprehensive guide.




This amazing protocol is a 2 phase program. Here is the discussion below to help the customer to get proper knowledge about the working of the herpes blitz protocol



(The search phase):

This phase is enriched with 7 day delicious smoothie recipes designed by many expert  nutritionist. All you need to take it regularly and enjoy the best result. This phase clinically proven to block the LSD-1 protein thus stopping the virus to replicate and prepare it to go through phase 2.

All the ingredients are provided in optimal amount and weight which proves to be effective. You are also provided by the comprehensive breakdown of ingredient and detailed preparation guidelines. Once you have put the virus into sleep by this search phase its time to move on second phase.



(The destroy phase):

                    Destroy phase is a 21 day protocol that equipped you with all the weapons needed to combat the herpes virus. You only need to take one drink regularly and I think it’s quite easy. Herpes blitz not only fight with the virus in this phase instead it is also beneficial for brain, heart, waist line, energy levels and much more. This phase enable you to improve your overall health and vitality at the same time.




The main secret of herpes blitz is hidden inside three major ingredients which provide natural power to fight against herpes virus. These ingredients if taken separately won’t affect because you don’t know about the exact amount and form in which it should taken.


-So here’s the description provided about the ingredients:


  1. Curcumin:


Circumin  is the basic component of turmeric powder. According to josh parker turmeric has been an essential staple in Moroccan cuisine for centuries. This is why they are more resistant to the herpes and their apparent immunity against herpes. According to many researches and studies circumin contains remarkable anti virals effect against herpes.




Quercetin is a powerful antiviral found in red onions, raisins, tomatoes, olive oil and pepper. All of these are the ingredients of the Moroccans national dish.

There are countless studies to prove that Quercetin have a huge antiviral effect against both type of herpes. It inhibits HSV1 and HSV2 replication up-to 50%.




Reseveratol is the most potent herpes fighting agent found in the red grapes. People who are resistant to herpes actually take red wine regularly after their food. It act by blocking activation of the inflammatory transcription factor protein .




  • Herpes blitz contains a popular drink which when consumed for just 2 weeks will produced 10 times more virus fighting interferons in the blood then a placebo.


  • This program provide you information about the naturally occurring hormone found in certain “fatty foods” that proves to dramatically increase natural killer cells up to 37%.


  • You will be able to learn 25 delicious immunity boosting recipes which helps you to fight better with herpes .


  • All the knowledge about the epigenetic treatment and their efficacy against herpes is provided.


  • 3 basic, natural and tasty ingredient that are the core component of the Moroccans dishes making them completely resistant against herpes.




  • This program is ultimate effective protocol to enhances immune system in a better way.
  • Simple and easy to perform task are given in this program to help their customers.
  • All the ingredient and smoothies recipes can be easily found at the local grocery near by you.
  • What ever type of herpes you are facing either type one or type two, you will get rid within few days.
  • All natural home remedy which has save the life of thousands of people world wide.
  • Clinically proven method to elicit herpes from your life.
  • Overall this program cost less than the medical treatment and daily doctors visit. This means it is quite affordable to every individual.
  • Provide complete freedom from painful blisters around the body.
  • Maintains your self esteem and confidence back to the normal.
  • You don’t need to hide your terrific sort of monster in the form of herpes virus.
  • This program is 100 % safe in use as it contains all natural ingredients and you don’t need to worry about the side effects.
  • There is 60 day money back guarantee provided by the creator of this program.
  • There is a guidance about the amino acid that you should avoid during infection.




Mr Josh parker provide his customer the amazing bonus absolutely free of cost with this program.


BONUS # 1 immune protection protocol

 BONUS # 2 sex drive stimulator


These bonuses will give you extra boost to fight against herpes as one experience low sex drive and decrease immunity after the infection has cured so there is remedy provided in the protocol.




Herpes blitz protocol by Josh parker is the most awaited and powerful fighter against herpes virus in this century. Completely scientifically proven and research based program that is easy to perform by every one out there.

So if you are tired of hiding your disease from every one just because of shame then herpes blitz proves to be the most effective product available in the market. All the natural ingredients makes it free from risk factor. So it’s time to say good bye forever to your herpes by ordering your protocol right now.




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