Dermatophyte And Toe Nail FUNGUS!!



Dermatophyte(greek term Derma; skin, phyte meaning plant) is a batch of fungal organisms that mostly influence the keratinized coat of skin, nails and scalp. They infect that area causing ringworm and related diseases.

Three category of fungi which is responsible for dermatophytic diseases.

  • Trichophyton
  • Microsporum
  • Epidermophyton


Dermatophyte (dermatophytosis, or dermatomycosis) can develop by exposure with infected humans (anthrophilic), animals (zoophilic) or direct contact with contaminated soil (geophilic).

Following areas are affected by dermatophyte infection;

  • Scalp (tinea capitis)
  • Nails (tinea unguium or commoly known as Onychomycosis (on·y·cho·my·co·sis)
  • Hands (tinea manuum)
  • Feet (tinea pedis)
  • Groin ( tinea crusis)


  • Cracked, thick, brittle or nail discoloration or in cronic cases nail loss is experienced
  • Hyperpigmentation or redness may appear.
  • Hair loss (tinea capitis)
  • Skin patches which are redder on the surfaces and may appear similar to a ring.
  • Thick crusts developing on the affected areas.
  • Bald patches may develop
  • Itching and redness.



Tinea pedis or commonly known as athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that usually occurs on toes. It spread from the direct contact with the infected person, wearing tight fitting shoes and socks, sharing towels or clothes form the affected person. Fungi grows in damp and humid environment so you may get toe nail fungus (tinea pedis) by walking barefoot around swimming pools and lockers.





Dermatophyte is responsible for nail fungus or medically known as tinea unguium or onychomycosis . They are caused by the over growth of fungi infection in or under the nails and if not treated it can result in permanent nail loss.

Nail fungus is commonly spread by contact with infected person, animal or soil, moreover it can be developed by using poorly sanitized tools (filers, nail clippers etc). walking barefoot in communal pools, gyms or wet places. History of fungal infections such as athelete’s foot, ringworms. Symptoms may include discolored, brittle or thickened nails.




Tinea capitis (ringworm or the scalp or hair) is the caused by fungal infection (dermatophyte). It can cause tiny patches of itchy and scaly skin. Symptoms include painful scalp, brittle or weakened hair, bald patches of hair. Tinea capitis is mostly infected by contact with poorly sanitized brushes and combs,wearing hats or cover your head with scarf in humid weather. Poor hygiene contribute in the development of scalp fungus.




Tinea manuum usually affect the hands. Tinea refers to ringworm or dermatophyte and manuum to hands. The affected area may be Itchy, red and scaly. The skin may peel and flake it may spread to the other parts of the hands( fingers, nails,palm).

It mostly caused by direct contact with containmated surface or soil. playing sports that involve contact with people. Continuous sweating may also contribute in development of tinea manuum.





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