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Blood sugar sehild


“Managing your diabetes is not a science rather it is an art”


Blood sugar sehild


Before going in detail about blood sugar shield by zenith lab I would like to give some information about what is diabetes.


      Diabetes mellitus:


Diabetes is a long term metabolic disorder that causes your life and health to stand on the most devastating event. There is a fluctuation of your blood sugar level. The main mechanism that controls the blood sugar is mainly affected in this disease. Pancreas are the insulin producing factory in the body that makes sugar level within its normal range. There are two types of diabetes that are type 1 and type 2. In type one there is no insulin production at all While in other type the cells are resistant to insulin and in both the cases the overall result will be increase blood sugar that will causes negative impact on your health and body.diabetes mellitus

Sudden increase in thirst  with frequent urination and also increase of appetite are the major symptoms of diabetes. The main treatment include insulin injections but even after using this you only removes your symptoms, your sugar level will remain the same.


Impact on life:


Type 2 diabetes contributes 90% of the cases world wide. Begins in middle to older age  and a major harmful disorder that affects in many ways. It affects the quality of your life. According to many researches there were 30 million people affected with this disease in 1985 but it increases up-to 392 million in 2015.

There is a list of harmful effect on one’s life. Never ending demands of diabetic care like eating carefully, regular exercise and daily monitoring makes your life a horrible dream. There are also many symptoms of sudden increasing and decreasing glucose level in your body. Above all the most important  is that you always live in the fear of complication of diabetes.

There is a marked reduction in the quality time with family members, your wife, your children and your parents always wants your time and your attention. The list of complication include chances of stroke, high blood pressure, poor perception to hot and cold, dehydrated skin, kidney damage, breath with smell, retinopathy and marked weight loss. In sum up diabetes affects your life in a numerous way and you are always finding a way to get rid of it. Now it’s time to stop the diabetes forever just by using this easy to made supplement. Lets dig into the detail of this product.




Blood sugar shield is the newest, simple and convenient formula enabling you to regulate your blood sugar level easily and naturally. It is free from additives, filters and all the harmful ingredients that affects your health. Although it is a new supplement but it is based on the ancient Chinese research by shen nong  around 2000 years old. From many decades medicine is struggling in a search of a reliable solution to the diabetic  problem.

Finally zenith lab in collaboration with dr. Ryan has developed this revolutionary supplement that provides many benefits to diabetic individual. This supplement is actually based on the chinese methodology which is used by them for many years to cure this disease. Modern medicine give a huge thanks to zenith lab for helping them in poor circumstances. Blood sugar shield slows down the insulin resistance that alters the sugar level in your body and makes you feel normal. It also prevents you from deadly complications.




blood sugar shield zenith lab


Blood sugar shield by zenith lab has proven the marked reduction towards jumping blood sugar level. It helps to maintain both type of diabetes that is type one and two. It’s micro circulatory effect proves it’s superiority over other market products. Role of fluctuating blood sugar level is mainly played by the pancreas in your body. Nature has provided the ability to produce insulin by the pancreas that controls the blood sugar. There are many causes that increases your sugar level or unable to control that level properly. It is a Chinese technique that is very ancient but very effective.


    The main mechanism of blood sugar shield in the body are discussed below:

  • Helps in the utilization of insulin properly in liver cells and increases insulin sensitivity to many other cells of your body
  • Stimulating your cells in the pancreas to produce the insulin more effectively and efficiently .
  • Fights with the two deadly parasites in the liver of almost all diabetic patient that is actually the main reason of uncontrolled sugar level
  • It contains an Asian flower that counteract the lethal effect of these parasite thus maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.
  • It also reduce the glucose production by the liver.
  • Free radicals, which are the main culprit to causes damage in the pancreatic cell leading to decrease insulin production also cures by using this supplement.
  • Also lowers down the inflammation of the pancreatic cell through its ingredients.


Blood sugar shield works within 4 weeks and you will surely feel a great difference after using it. In addition it sheds off all the unwanted fat ridden on the liver , break down starch after the meal and utilization of the excessive glucose to produce energy.




Ryan shelton


This magic supplement is produced in collaboration with zenith lab by dr Ryan shelton. It was a quite harsh day that once dr shelton who is M.D of zenith lab was came through a patient in finding of cure of his diabetes forever. He research in detail about the remedy and finally he finds the missing pages of Shen Nong’s  book.

Shen Nong is the first ever doctor in the world and a popular ancient chinese herbalist. He helps many needy individuals who has developed some lethal disease. He is the real creator of acupuncture which is now the famous medical technique to cure many disease. Shen Nong is the first person who developed the tea. He is also known as the father of medicine who has done extensive research which is recorded in many books and literature. On of those book is lost, lost in a sense that it’s pages were divided and nobody knows what has written on it. These pages were found by dr Ryan Shelton. In these pages there were given all the profits of a chinese plant that looks like a butter cap called chinese gold thread that is enrich with lots of love healthy properties.

Zenith lab claims quality of life by improving quality care of the individual . They have a strict scrutiny and check and balance in every stage of production. They have spend their whole life in serving others by manufacturing the greatest supplement.




Before adding  any product or supplements to the part of life ,it is the responsibility of every customer to check all the aspects of it plus the main ingredients from which it is derived. Blood sugar shield is packaged with all the natural and safe ingredients that doesn’t affect any one’s health and provides you the with the normal blood sugar within few days which is proven. Here is the list of the ingredients in the blood sugar shield:


  • Piperine:


Piperine is a natural bio enhancer which is similar to capsacain a chemical in chili that offers a huge health benefits which can’t be discussed in a short time. It is an alkaloid responsible for pungency of black pepper which is widely used in traditional medicine. Therefore it is a key chemical in black pepper. Its commercial preparation consists of chemical extraction from black pepper seeds containing approximately 5 to 10 % Piperine. Here is the list of the benefits :piperine-black-pepper-

  1. Increases absorption of many vital minerals and vitamins through diet and enhances the taste more better.
  2. Inhibiting enzymes that would attack other molecules in your body.
  3. Amplifies many supplement absorption rate at a higher speed specially for curcumin which reduces your blood sugar level.
  4. It is used as a herbal medicine for better digestion and weight loss
  5. Major antibacterial property that enables you to fight with the pathogens more effectively.
  6. Preventing water retention from the body.
  7. Improves many important function of the kidney and makes your kidney free of damage and disease.
  8. Liver and pancreas also works efficiently after taking this supplement.
  9. Major anti depressants
  10. Prevents inflammation and oxidative stress and also promise in the treatment of disease as diverse as cancer, arthritis and epilepsy.

These are the main benefits of Piperine which are included in this supplement and helps you to cure your diabetes  more effectively.


  • Curcumin:


Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by some plants. It is the principal circuminoid of turmeric, a member of the ginger family. Curcumin is a world wide famous herbal supplement that helps in maintaining of blood sugar level within normal range. It incorporates several Functional group that proves to be good for health.

Curcumin is a natural anti inflammatory herb that has major role in treating diabetes. The pancreas in the diabetic individual are inflamed due to unknown reason and lowers the production of the insulin. It also increases glycogen production that breaks your unnecessary glucose to produce energy. Curcumin is an ideal drug alternative to the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It also leads to lower your glucose production. Besides it’s benefits in treating diabetic mellitus it has other important health benefits that are discussed here :curcumin

  1. .fight with the foreign particle and provides you to boost your immunity in natural way.
  2. Lower the risk of many cardio disease by reducing the inflammation like heart attack and heart failure.
  3. Many joint disease like arthritis can be treated easily.
  4. It helps you to lower the risk of many brain disease like Alzihmers disease.
  5. Preventing inflammation in many bowel condition like inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
  6. Anti depressants.
  7. For many centuries used as antioxidant and consider one of the most important element to healthy living in ayurveidic medicine.


  • Berberine :


Berberine is a quaternary ammonium salt that is extracted from many plants. It is used in china as a folk medicine. According to recent searches it has anti aging property. It mainly reduces your blood sugar level and lipids. In this way it is efficient and safe in treating type 2 diabetes. A well known chinese herb coptis which is a significant source of berberine also improves sugar level. Berberine is a compound extracted from variety of herbs and it is supplemented for it’s anti diabetic effect. It is a latest miracle being sold to diabetic individual. By reducing your cholesterol level it aids in curing many heart conditions. Obesity is also markedly reduced by using it. Breakdown of fatty acid is the main role in providing you fat free body. It also regulate insulin production and berberineinsulin response to the cell of body.


Along with these ingredients blood sugar shield with many natural herbs , vitamins and minerals that helps you to secure your goal more easily and without any side effects.




A list of benefits of blood sugar shield by zenith lab are beyond this article. Here are some main benefits discussed as:

  1. Boosting energy levels:


Blood sugar shield by zenith lab increases your energy level and helps to work non stop for many hours. This feature attracts many people to buy this supplement because diabetes makes a person more lethargic and always tired.


  1. Elevating mood:


As increase sugar level makes you irritable and depressed but the active ingredient of this supplement promise you to make you happier and chances of increasing your mood.


  1. Management of diabetes:


It provides you diabetic free life and helps you to maintains the jumpy sugar level in just simple and easy way.


  1. All natural and safe formula:


Blood sugar shield contains all the natural herbs and medicine that is used for many years in china. There is no sign of diabetes and they are constantly healthy and active. This supplement reveals that basic formula for their good health. It is all natural and safe for use.


  1. Professionally certified:


Not like other treatment available in the market which only claims to be effective but not certified properly. Zenith lab not only claims but actually proven and many scientist has proven that it is the actual remedy of diabetics.


  1. Free from filters and additives:


There is no filters and additives chemicals that are injurious to health. It claims to be all natural with no harmful ingredients.


  1. Affordable supplement:


The most important benefits of this supplement that is available in affordable price. If you are fed up by expanding a lot of money in  the treatment of diabetes provided by the doctor that here your findings end up.

  1. Formula that actually works:


This formula actually works not only in words it is efficient but it will help your diabetic issue forever and you will feel the real difference.


  1. Treating the actual cause:


According to dr rayan the medicine you are taking just treat your symptoms and the actual cause remains there forever. There are some parasites in the pancreas that lowers down the insulin production, this supplement actually works on this cause and helps you to cure this disease.


  1. No side effects :


There are no harmful side effects that affects your health so you can safely use this product without any fear of deadly complications.


  1. Positive feed back:


There are many positive feed back by the customer that increases it’s value over other treatment available in the market for diabetes.


  1. No painful injection:


You are free from painful injection of insulin and daily schedule of applying insulin before or after meal. You just need to take this supplement and all your worries fly in the air.


  1. No expensive medicines:


The average treatment of diabetes is really very expensive and if you avoid this you will face horrible condition . It is because many pharmaceutical company makes your body addictive to these drugs and you have to taken regularly. Blood sugar shield provides you freedom from those expensive medicines.


  1. Personal guaranty of Dr Rayan:

Blood sugar shield zenith lab is packaged with a personal guaranteed by M. D of zenith lab that actually works.


  1. Convenient in use:

You just have to take 2 capsules per day and very much convenient in usage.


  1. 180 day money back guaranty:


Finally it gives you 180 day money back guaranty which I think is the best feature available and you can just give it a try to cure your diabetes  .


blood sugar shield by zenith lab bottles





Blood sugar shield by zenith lab is a revolutionary supplement made for diabetic individual to fight from their disease. If you can spend a lot of money in treating your diabetes then you should give it a try and you will definitely find the complete freedom because it doesn’t  cause any side effect and it is all natural.




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