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“Its time to shuttle your amino acid into the muscles rather than increasing muscle intake”


Good looking is moreover gaining popularity besides having only a good character. We are in a daily competition of looking smart and fit. No one wants to lose this race and in order to winning they are continuously spending their precious money and time in many fool products that never act upon what they claim.  In addition,Obesity is the leading cause of many devastating disease similar to hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure and many cardiovascular events. World wide many people die daily because of their obesity plus they cant have the enough knowledge about the ingredients of the supplements.


Therefore  we should focus on our health and fitness. Out of uncountable way of getting rid of this obesity the most superior is physical exercise ,not only exercise many supplements also prove to be important pillar of the fitness. Many protein supplements accessible in the market that claims to be the most ideal and perfect dietary products working on the principle of increasing the amount of protein to be ingested. They truly doesn’t care if this protein is driving into your muscles or not and even this protein is literally damaging you inwardly. If your are a body builder or obsessed about your physical look then you are surely taking many protein supplements creating a beautiful dream of muscle bulking.

But infact you are in a complete wrong way, the huge amount of protein that your are ingesting can be a source of damaging your digestive tract. You need to enhance your muscle uptake of protein then you will gain those big muscles very easily. Here’s the problem of your solution the masszymes formulated by wade lightheart and his team. You can now lean your body  and make your muscle more stronger. It is the best noted protein digesting enzymes that works what it claims about and after reading this I am sure you too going to buy it for sure.




Masszymes is one of the amazing supplement strategy that is formulated to enhance your muscle absorption. This product is not only designed for body builder and weight lifter but additionally provides a natural and healthy mean of digestion with no side effects for any individual.It is the best medical grade enzyme formulation increasing your enzyme potential up to 30% which is protease. For better absorptive activity of proteins enzymes should be in good amount  particularly protease that breaks down the protein into its structural unit amino acid that is readily absorb by your gut and stores in your muscles providing them the full strength. It is a multitasking regimen that not only enhances your muscle but also boost your energy provides you better enzyme level necessary for repair of the muscles. Masszymes is formulated mainly in the favor of vegetarian as it is 100% veg.

Absorption of Amino:

It actually enhances the absorption of many amino acid ,vitamins and glucose and finally increases the useable amount of protein in your body. And also cures the problem of bloating, gas problem and constipation facing after eating a great amount of protein in the diet. This supplement is packaged with 250 capsules each enrich with a huge amount of proteolytic enzymes providing you with optimal level of digesting enzymes to properly digest your daily protein and leads your body towards the lean, attractive and stronger than others . This product is by bioptimizers the no one health brand. They are dedicated to the strategies that leads to the healthy high performance and empower humanity at their highest level


amino absorbtion





Wade lightheart is a Canadian 3 time all natural national bodybuilding champion, an advisor to the American anti cancer institute, director of education at bioptimizers nutrition and author of many best selling health related books all over the world.

He was hardly 15 that his unlucky sister experience a terminal illness and could never return back to happy life. That is the point of beginning of his fitness journey. He start searching some deeper meaning of life. He is no doubt got an intelligent  mind and a helper heart ,start studying physical, financial, spiritual masters around the world. Thirst of knowledge keep him restless always. He competed at the Mr universe as a drug free vegetarian and also mr Olympia. After years of struggle to help the people and aware them about the fitness fact he finally reaches his destination with a happy goal.


As no one cant  have proficiency to find a good and trustable supplement . Then he gathers many body builder expert and scientist to create this amazing supplement that provides you all the things that your body needed . Unlike famous builder included in his work are ELLIOT HULSE, DAVE RUEL, MIKE WESTERDA, RUNNIE LANDIS, KATRIS VOLYNISKY. Wade light heart and their company has the main goal of helping other people and correct all the misconception about the fitness facts. And the wastage of thousands of dollar in achieving fitness results but unable to do because of a lot of corrupted product seller are there whose main target is to collect money.




Masszymes is a protein digesting enzyme. Enzymes are the macromolecular biological catalyst. All metabolic process in the cell of a human body needs catalyst in order to occur in fast rate. Protein lysis is a metabolic process that require an enzyme called PROTEASE. An enzyme that is required for the breakdown of protein into smaller molecules called amino-acids. This enzyme is necessary for the absorption of proteins. Many people misunderstand that if we eat enough protein it is all going to our body cells safely rather it is excreted out from your body as a waste due to protease deficiency.


Masszymes work on the principle of digesting the proteins to provide you healthy muscles. If all the proteins you intake doesn’t absorb properly it creates hurdle by blocking the absorption of distinct proteins and nutrients as well. This supplement absorbs ARGININE , CITRULLINE , TRYPTOPHAN VITAMINS(FOLATE) , JOINT PROTECTING NUTRIENTS (GLUCOSAMINE) . All these vitamins and nutrients converted to waste if you don’t take this supplement as the natural protease in your body is damaged by the cooked food and its level decreases so protease should be taken in your diet. . Masszymes actually work by increasing your protease level up to optimal limit and enhancing your muscle growth. It is a bottle of 250 capsules which is to be taken daily. 1-3 capsules taken with the meat and 1-2 in between the meal gap to develop the best results.



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Masszymes is formulated by a main key ingredient which is astragin. Each capsule carry 85,000 HUT protease and that protease is triphase in nature and works at any  pH from 1 to 10. Protease is a proteolytic enzymes that is essential for muscle buildup. The main ingredients ASTRAGIN is NULIV SCIENCE’S exclusive absorption enhancing ingredients. Proven in a dozen scientific pre clinic to absorbs amino acid, vitamins, minerals. US, TAIWAN and CHINA patented 100% natural derived from natural source . It acts at the level of DNA and help in repairing intestinal wall and reduces inflammation. According to research astragin helps in the absorption of following elements are masszymes ingredients in the below statistics:

  • Vitamins – 50%
  • Arginine – 60%
  • Amino acid – 66%
  • Tryptophan -50%
  • Glucose – 57%

Astragin is prepared with the help of two plants:


  1. Pannox notoginesing:

A well know chinese herb that is used in medicine for many years. It is basically for blood and circulation related conditions, anti inflammatory and neuroprotective. It helps lowering the cholesterol many enhances many cardiovascular function . Their roots can live for 100 years. Has an important role against stroke blood pressure and any swelling in your digestive tract.



  1. Astragalus membranous:

it belongs to family febacceae. Most popular 50 herbs used in chinese medication for years. Main function is boosting your immunity against various disease. Helps in cure of heart disease and makes your heart strong. It is a popular anti oxidant and a known healing plant in china and japan.





It is a comprehensive supplement with proper safe for any adults. It provides benefits for a wide range of people in the world. All the body builder and gym worker can used it promptly in order to achieve a bulky muscle without increasing the protein intake any one who wants to look lean and perfect with good muscles can use this.

In addition of body builder a normal person further take an advantage from it. If you ever feel bloating or any gas problems with no immediate relieve this supplement can help you out. Water retention becomes a headache sometimes which can be treated easily.





There are many countless benefits that is gifted by wade light heart in just a bottle of magic. A long list can easily be made under this heading. Some of the known benefits are narrate here to understand the importance of  this amazing  supplement:


  • Promoting muscle buildup:


Muscle are entirely made up of amino acid ,building block of proteins. All the amino acids in our diet appear in the form of protein. So for absorption it should be broken into micro molecules. This process is carried out by protease which is a proteolytic enzyme .Masszymes ingredients include proteases that keeps your muscle buildup promptly .

muscle build


  • Muscle recovery:


It empowers your muscle with a complete recovery after an intense workout. Due to this property it is the market no one best selling product and has superiority over others enzyme supplement. As astragin recovers from the oxidative stress done by the heavy workout


  • Repairing intestinal damage:


In order to achieve a healthier muscle Each person consumes  a lot of protein daily. That results in damage to your intestinal wall and making ulcers there. This supplement is going to heal all ulcers very fast because masszymes ingredients are all natural.


  • Enhances your digestion:


This supplement helps you a bloating free digestive tract. After accumulation of undigested protein it becomes toxic to your system and causing abruption in normal digestion.


  • Rocket up your energy level:


This protease full supplement provides you full of energy. As digestion is going at normal way all the ATP will formed in a normal ways. Thus your each cell is fulled with complete level of energy.


  • Immunity:


Key ingredients of this product contains a natural chemical. That protects your body with toxins and harmful products in the environment  and provides you a better immunity.


  • Absorption of vitamins:


Protease in this product helps you in the absorption of many vitamins. Which are just flushing out due to deficiency of this enzymes. After having this supplement you will never face the vitamins and nutrients deficiency.


  • Protecting your joints:


Proteases helps the calcium binding ability and aids in it absorption. Masszymes ingredients helps to make proteases..  If due to any cause there is no protease your bones will become weak. And many joint diseases and athirst can cause to buyer


  • Improves sleep:


By having your enzymes proper and digestion as well  you will feel difference and improvement in your sleeping habit.


  • Mental clarity:


By consuming this product you will feel charge and active all day long. You will feel lighter and focus on every thing your mind actually is a reflection of your health.


supplement facts


  • Affordable price:


If you can afford that heavy protein for your body. You will be satisfied by the supplement which require all the ingredients which it claim to be in it. The price is not a big stone for every one out there and is 150$ only.


  • 365 day money back guaranty:


The most amazing offer present by the company that if you cant feel the difference. You have an option of getting your money back within 365 days. This is not a typo thing. They assure you 100 % money back guaranty





Many supplements convenient in the market. Customer will feel the difference after buying it and not like other which just claim to best but in reality is not more than just a waste of money. Their supplements is full with lipase and other enzymes with very few amount of protease . Plus they don’t carry the astragin which makes this product superior in the market. There are lot of people who are using this supplement and have blessed with the results. Now it’s your time to collect your masszymes .




Besides of a list of benefits there is only one flaw which is children before the age of 18 needs a doctor advice before its use. And it is little costlier than other supplements. It has thousands of positive points and an excellent supplement world wide. You have 2 option whether to continue the expensive protein supplement with no result or just used this pill with normal protein intake it’s all up-to you. Masszymes is one of the recreational invention of this century that gains popularity all over the world in  a very short period of time.



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