12 Secrets to boost Immunity


Immunity is the ability to fight the body with foreign particle. Immune system provides us from outside invaders such as bacteria, virus, allergens, infected cells and many toxins. There are many natural  way in the body that provides you immunity. White blood cells constitute immune system in human body. Following  are the 12 secrets to boost immunity with a faster rate:




healthy eat


As diet makes our most of the body. We should properly focus upon which food items should be taken. Your diet must be enrich with enough protein as protein support immune system.B CELLS and  T CELLS works on the proper protein level in the body and providing you better immunity against many disease. If you are facing protein malnutrition then your body is more prone to develop opportunistic infection with increased chances of morbidity and mortality. Arginine is particular important protein in providing immunity.

There should be correct selection of fat in the diet. Saturated fat should be avoided as it suppress down the immune system and there should be plenty of unsaturated fat. Carbohydrates are crucial for protecting cells by recognization of harmful chemicals but there should be limited carbohydrates in the diet.




Antioxidant plays an important role in boosting the immunity and provides protection against pathogens. By attacking the free radicals which are the source of many disease they enhances the immunity. Many antioxidant are there in the nature such as B carotene which is found in carrot, tomato, spinach and green chillies .Vitamin C , E, Zinc and selenium also take part in boosting the immunity with a higher rate. Recepie for best antioxidant. 





vitamins and neutrients


Many vitamins are necessary to be taken in diet like vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin c can easily be obtained through citrus fruits like lemon and oranges, strawberries and cauliflower. Vitamin E found in broccoli, sunflower seeds and papaya .while vitamins A source includes carrot, squash  and tomatoes. Be sure to intake copper in a very small amount as more copper can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Zinc greatly increase immune system by directly acting upon white blood cells.




reduce sugar


Refined sugar actually decreases the immune response of the body . Sugar can devastate your natural defense. Excess sugar combines with protein and carbohydrates and forms CROSS LINK that interfere in immune system. So you should maximally avoid sugar in order to provide your immune system a healthy environment. You can used natural sweetener like stevia to enhance your taste.




Probiotics are the group of gut friendly bacteria. These bacteria are also called good bacteria in a sense that they boosts up the immunity. Probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract helps to  reinforce the barrier function of intestinal lining, thus lowering the chance of bacteria to cross the intestinal wall and enter in the blood stream. Ultimately supporting health of the immune system. They also claimed to stimulate the immune cells which are helper t cells and attack the foreign toxins that some how manage to enter the body. It is therefore highly recommended to eat Probiotics in your diet. Many people thought that live bacteria and yeast could be harmful for us but scientist has proven the role of probiotics. Yogurt is the best natural source of probiotics. Other sources include kefir which is fermented milk drink.





medical chekup


There are many medical condition which are called silent killer you even cant feel until it causes a great damage to your body. There fore regular medical check up is necessary in all aspect. This step boost your immunity in a fast way. All screening test are important to catch your illness at the right time.




no to smoke and alcohol


Smoke and alcohol damages your body at whole. All the organ in the body are effected by it not only lugs but heart,skin, and mainly it effects on impotency. As smoke contains nicotine that binds to hemoglobin and reduces the oxygen binding capacity thus lowering your cells supply of oxygen. This expose your body to many lethal effects like stroke, heart attack and kidney failure.




You should take care of your routine habit and make them according to the health status. Water is the main constituent of our body as it contains 70 % of the water. But water is continuously excreting out of our body in many ways therefore a  proper amount of water is necessary to run the basics of life in a healthy way. There should be 8 class of water every day.

Avoid quenching your thirst with tea soda or any other things. Water is essentially component of your immune system.




sleeping baby


A proper sleep is necessary to run the daily activities and task in a good way. You should sleep 6-8 hours every night. And also try to avoid the stress this will boost up the immune system .




Colostrum is essential in providing the immunity. As it contains immunoglobulin Ig G. If you are suffering from any immunocompromised disease your doctors  first recommendation will be the injection of immunoglobulin .these supplements and injection supposed to enhance your immunity and immune cells within no time.




Many other food products are likely used to boost the immune system in a better way some of them are discussed here. Garlic is the most widely known immune enhancing agent which is now commonly used now a days. Garlic has the ability to boost immunity by increasing the rate at which natural killer cells are produced. Almonds also promise to increase immunity. Almonds are the great source of vitamin e which is natural antioxidant as well as it reduces the process of inflammation in the body. Navy beans are the white beans that contains copper,  manganese, folate, magnesium, iron and phosphorus that provides you extra ordinary health benefits. Elderberry, echinacea and colloidal silvery also boost up your immunity. There are some natural home remedy product available like aloe vera, green tea and glistening.


  1. Be hygienic:


At the end hygiene is a very important pillar of a good health. Always wash your hand before and after attending restroom. Also before and after eating some food. Be hygienic and always exercise and maintains of healthy life style will definitely increase your immunity.


These are the main 12 secret ways to boost immunity. Good luck and stay fit 🙂


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