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Lower back region is the lumbar spine a part of our spinal cord. Starting from the area just behind the ribs up to the pelvis . It compromises of 5 disc that is from lumber 1 to lumber 5. These 5 vertebrae the biggest unfused vertebrae in the spine. Lumbar portion ends on sacral region and at the last the coccyx bone which is commonly known as bone of the tail. For this we provide you the main lower back pain causes.

Most surprisingly spine carry our 70% Of body weight. Spinal cord is the brick that holds your body in up right position, maintain your posture and ultimately support all the vital organs near by. Lumbar region of the spinal cord is different in structure than other parts of the spine as it has to carry all your body weight. If you wish to twist your body on your hip or flexed forward or backwards the main role is played by lumbar part. Indeed all type of motion around your axis is provided by this great gift provided by the god. Last but not least it provides protection to the soft tissue, near by organs, nerves and spinal cord which is the delicate material present in between bones.

Lower back pain in medical terms known as LUMBAGO. Lower back pain is a life deleterious event or disorder involving muscles, nerves and bones all over the spine. This pain varies from dull constant to throbbing sharp pain. It might be acute if continue for less than 6 weeks, sub chronic between 6 to 12 weeks and chronic if more than 12 weeks. Usually improve within a few weeks.




A serious problem of lower back pain is developing in all countries and many people have highlighted about this issue. The common age affecting ranges from 20 to 40 years and both the genders are equally affected. Most important cause is musculoskeletal while others include referred pain that is away from its original site, intra abdominal disorders like appendicitis, aneurysms. Kidney diseases and pelvic infections.  Some common causes are listed here:




  1. Musculoskeletal:


main cause


Most common lower back pain cause of world wide lower back ache due to abnormal body posture, twisting awkwardly and inappropriate lifting . It involves both the muscles and the joint due to strain and sprains. Stress and abnormal sleeping position also contributes for its development.

Following are the 2 important conditions

  • Mycofascial pain syndromes: in which the pain and tenderness is limited to localized area and no traveling towards peripheral nerves. Particular muscle group is affected and can be treated just by stretching that muscle properly.
  • Fibromyalgia is a widespread musculoskeltol disease accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues . It actually amplifies painful simulation. The exact cause is remain a challenge to the medical for many years. Generalized stiffness and fatigue is mainly reported.


  1. Lumbar strain:


lumbar cause


Lumbar strain is identified by many microscopic tears in the muscles and tissues. This occurs mostly to every individual with  no age distribution. Mainly due to over use, trauma or improper usage of lumber bones and muscles. Clinically divided into acute if it occurs for days to weeks and chronic if longer than 3 months. There is no particular treatment available you just need to perform symptomatic remedy. Lumbar pain relieves by resting ,heat pads, massage and recommended exercise and some pain killers. Complete bed rest is strictly inhibited you need to do some exercise after little recovery from lower back pain.


  1. Lumbar radiculopathy:


The disease in which the pain is caused in lower back and hip radiating down the back of thigh into the leg. It is an irritation due to damage of the disc because of wear and tear of outer disc and traumatic injury as a result central portion herniate outside. This results in damaged to nerve and its irritation . It causes damage to vertebrae between L5 and S1 .

It occurs in 30 to 40% of the population world wide. The nerve that mostly involve is sciatica the largest nerve in the body and the pain is called as sciatic pain. Radiate to lower leg, thigh and buttock. You may experience numbness and tingling sensation along with pain that might worsens with coughing, sneezing or any mechanical strain. It typically affects one side of the body and you are unable to perform your daily life schedule in the normal way.


  1. Bony encroachment:


It mainly occurs due to abnormal movement or growth of the vertebrae. Result in narrowing of the foramen and spinal stenosis. Many causes are known for the bony encroachment . Leading to spondylolisthesis a condition in which the bone slides over another bone which is located below causing your nerve root squeezed. It is a fairly common cause of lower back pain in younger adults age 30 to 50. While spondylosis is the crack or fracture of vertebrae. Both of them are extremely common in young athletes. This will get treated by bed rest. Enlarged bones causes nerve damage.


  1. Other bone and joint conditions:


Many by birth condition are starting from childhood leads to continuous lower back pain and are collectively known as congenital conditions. Two most common includes:

  • Scoliosis:

curve bony


A very popular medical condition in which the person spine has sideways curve which is S or C shaped. It occurs at the age of 10 and 20. Both environmental and genetic factor plays the key role in it. There are many respiratory and cardiac problems in severe cases. And almost all type will cause a serious lower back pain. Three major treatment options available that are bracing, observation and surgery. In scoliosis one extremity is shorter than other or have abnormal architecture of spine.

  • Spina bifida:


It is a type of neural tube defect occurs when the bones of the spine cant form properly around the spine, results in arching of bony vertebra over the spinal cord. Mostly lower lumbar region is involved. There are tufts of hairs located at the end of the spinal cord Opening.

All these above mention condition can seriously affect your life.


  1. Degenerative disease:




Many degenerative disease causes lower back pain which is a serious issue regarding health and awareness. As the age of a persons increases, many affects are commonly appear some of them are completely devastating. Like wise if you are aging then the moisture and water inside your spinal cord goes down. This results in weaker thinner and fragile bones. Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are the ultimate result of degeneration. In osteoporosis your bones will become too porous  that  are prone to fracture easily. Osteoporosis  usually affects female of older age due to misbalance in their hormone level.  Degeneration also causes spondylosis which is painful condition of the inter vertebral disc.


  1. Injury :


Many injuries are practically happened to every individual in any phase of life and leads to fracture of your spine. All injury are of course the cause of back pain and restlessness. Serious fractures also affect your bowel and bladder functions and totally exposed to the harsh result that no one wants to experience. There are some compressive fractures also visible in older age. They occur due to weaken bones due to decrease calcium content in the bones.


  1. Inflammation and infection:


Arthritis is the inflammation in the spine called as osteoarthritis. It is defined as the breakdown of the cartilage of the joint that provides mechanical strength to joint. which results in low back pain and stiffness. A range of underlying cause and risk factor. It can’t be reversed but medical treatment slows down its progression. There are many types of arthritis that commonly damages your spine.

Many infection like osteomyelitis are also being the cause of lower back pain for many years. It occurs in all ages and different bacteria are responsible for different type of osteomyelitis.


  1. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction:




For many decades sacroiliac joint dysfunction was the leading cause of lower back pain but after medical treatment this problem has greatly cured. Sacroiliac joint’s pain typically occur after standing up from the chair suddenly . It occurs either due to too little or too excessive motion of the joint.


  1. Facet joint pain:


Facet joint are the joint between two vertebrae in the spine that actually make your spine flex and enable you to twist and bend . They are the small stabilizing joint . Another common name is osteoarthritis and it is one of the most common cause of lower back pain.


  1. Other minor causes:


Many minor condition also cause lower back pain that includes

  • Kidney infection and failure
  • Abdomen enlargement due to pregnancy
  • Ovarian cyst and tumor
  • Bone tumor
  • Paget ‘s disease
  • Bleeding or infection in pelvis
  • Infection of bone and spine
  • Aneurysm of aorta
  • Autoimmune disease like ankylosing spondylosis and crohns disease.


Above mention points were the main lower back pain cause.



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